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Our Story

11th of April 1689

When the Dutch King William III - better known as William of Orange - came to the English throne he made Gin, which originated from Holland, popular with the British people. 

In 1689, shortly after the Dutch King William III - better known as William of Orange – was proclaimed King Of England, Ireland and Scotland, he made gin, a traditionally Dutch drink, popular with the British people. At this time, anyone could distil their own alcohol by simply posting a notice in public and waiting a mere ten days. Soon, of course, the volume sold daily exceeded that of beer and ale.


Gin Heritage

The history of Gin

For Kings and Queens only

Gin 1689 cocktails

Negroni 1689

There is a reason why this cocktail is so popular. Try it out yourself and you will be a fan forever!

You'll need:

25ml Gin 1689.
25ml Campari
25ml vermouth
1 Fresh orange

To start, pour Gin 1689, Campari and sweet vermouth into your glass over ice. Stir it and zest the orange over the glass and add the citrus to the potion. Simple but still such a delicious cocktail!

Lime & Gin 1689 Mule

A modern classic, the Gin 1689 Mule is the delicious version of the Moscow Mule with a bit of influence from the Mojito! 
You'll need:

45 ml Gin 1689
2 Table spoons fresh Lime Juice
2 Table spoons simple syrup
120 ml ginger beer
Fresh mint sprigs, to garnish

Add mint to a copper mug or rocks glass. Muddle gently and add simple syrup, lime juice, and gin and stir. Fill the glass with ice cubes and top with ginger beer.

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